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    Winter maintenance

  • TfB's LED street lighting programme continues Work on the second phase of LED streetlight replacement continues next week (commencing 24 November).
    During this phase, Transport for Buckinghamshire expects to convert 2,585 traditional street lamps in 110 locations with more efficient LED lanterns before next March.
    Modern LED (light emitting diode) lamps not only save energy, create lower carbon emissions and reduce maintenance costs, but are also made of materials with less environmental impact.
    TfB has now replaced 1,051 traditional lanterns with more efficient LED lamps during this phase, which is now over 40% complete.

    Next week the programme will visit Oxford Road in Stone, White Lion Road in Amersham and Haydon Road, High Street and Wendover Road in Aylesbury.

    Ongoing - 25 Nov - Oxford Road, Stone - 10.00-14.30 - stop/go boards
    Ongoing - 26 Nov - White Lion Road, Amersham - 09.30-15.30 - stop/go boards
    24-26 Nov - Haydon Road, Aylesbury - 10.00-14.00- stop/go boards
    25-27 Nov - High Street, Aylesbury - 19.00-07.00 - stop/go boards
    25 Nov - 3 Dec - Wendover Road, Aylesbury - 09.30-15.30 - traffic lights
    These timings are the window of work that the contractor is permitted to use, so traffic restrictions will fall sometime within this.
    The scheme is likely to be complete by January. For further information, please visit www.buckscc.gov.uk/ledreplacement
  • Forum responds to school road safety plea Traffic calming has just been installed on the approach road to Waddesdon's two schools, thanks to a £12,750 grant from Buckinghamshire County Council's Local Area Forum (LAF).

    Parents concerned about safety in School Lane and Baker Street leading to Waddesdon CE Secondary and the village primary schools at the start and end of the day, had petitioned the Waddesdon LAF.

    In response LAF members commissioned two speed reduction humps, lower kerbs and special paving at the road crossing point, fencing to guide people away from unsafe crossing points, warning signs and road markings.

    County Councillor Paul Irwin, LAF Chairman, said: 'This is the only route to both schools and our priority was to find a safe way forward as quickly as possible. The result is a great example of a Local Area Forum getting people to work together successfully to find a solution to a community problem.'
  • Cabinet supports county-wide public transport review A call for a county-wide review of public transport received unanimous support from Buckinghamshire County Council's Cabinet yesterday (Monday, November 10).

    It follows an in-depth study during the past six months by the County Council's all-party Environment, Transport and Localities Select Committee.

    Select Committee Chairman Warren Whyte, presenting the findings of the study, said it was a deep dive look at County Council support for public transport in the light of current financial pressures. Recommendations aimed to help the council's future vision and policy-making to support public transport more effectively and efficiently.

    The Select Committee had recommended that a fresh joined-up, long-term strategic vision for public transport over the next 20 years would better serve residents' needs, rather than following the current practice of basing support on demand for existing services in isolation.

    And the committee said there was a strong case for developing county council leadership in driving better community transport schemes - and more of them - to increase local on-demand services in areas commercial operators are unable to serve.

    The Cabinet accepted the principle of leading a total transport approach, and Transport Cabinet Member Ruth Vigor-Hedderly said consultations were taking place to include a specialist team with a lead officer to cover public, community, home-school and social care transport in the council's new Transport, Economy and Environment business unit from April 2015.

    Ms Vigor-Hedderly confirmed the Select Committee's recommendations would be included in the development of the next Local Transport Plan through 2015 and within the Business Unit Plans.

    'This is about finding new ways forward to provide transport for rural communities, our vulnerable and older residents, and our children and young people, that more closely matches their needs,' she said.

    Welcoming the Cabinet decision, Warren Whyte said: "I'm pleased that Cabinet has accepted the report in full. We just can't keep on salami-slicing budgets, and the work we have done paves the way for a proper strategic shift, which will allow a better, more efficient way of supporting public transport for everyone in Buckinghamshire."