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Bridges and highways structures

We, as the highway authority, are directly responsible for the highway structures we own on roads. We also seek to ensure good stewardship by the owners of other bridges and structures which span, go under or carry council roads.

Ownership of bridges within the county are as follows:

Owner Telephone Number Email/Website
Highway England (motorways and trunk roads) 0300 123 5000
Network Rail 08457 114141  
BRB Residuary Ltd (redundant railway structures) 01904 524 786  
Canal & River Trust 0113 284 5200
London Underground 0845 330 9880  
Boundary Bridge (adjacent authorities) -    
Transport for Buckinghamshire -    
Highways bridges, culverts, footbridges, subways & Rights of Way structures 0845 230 2882  


Maintain the safety of the travelling public using bridgesProtect the structural integrity of all highway structures

This is achieved by:

  • Inspecting all owned bridges on a two yearly cycle
  • Undertaking additional inspections in response to reports of defects, accident damage etc
  • Repairing dangerous defects quickly
  • Prioritising remedial works by taking into account the nature of the defect and importance of the route, within available resources
  • Seeking funds from central government and recovering repair costs for damage caused in road traffic accidents
  • Seeking to ensure other bridge owners maintain their bridges and meet their obligations towards the travelling public

Graffiti and murals

  • We respond to reports of graffiti and vandalism to bridges and subways. Only graffiti which is racist or abusive will be removed promptly. Subways are routinely visited and cleaned on a three monthly basis
  • We will consider requests for the provision of murals.

Subway lighting and drainage

  • Our lighting section deals with issues relating to lighting in subways.
  • Our area offices deal with drainage issues, including electrical equipment / pumps for subways.

Weight restrictions

  • Weight restrictions on weak bridges are only introduced when strictly necessary
  • Environmental weight restrictions exist primarily to control the movement of heavy vehicles

Inspections and improvement works

  • The management of highway structures, including inspecting and programming maintenance work is carried out by the Highways Structures office.

For more information please call: 0845 2302882 or 01296 382416 or email