To Pay or Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice

Please note, in order to pay a PCN, you will need to wait until the following day from the date of PCN issue unless paying by cheque.

If your PCN was issued ON-STREET and within Bucks (excluding Milton Keynes), OFF-STREET at Waterside North car park, Aylesbury or within one of the three County Council country parks (Black Park, Langley Park or Denham), you can pay, view and appeal via the NSL website.

The electronic PCN data held by the issuing officer is not down-loaded into the main processing system until the end of the day. Consequently PCN payments will only be accepted when certain details are recognised and reconciled on this system

The PCN discounted period lasts for 14 days from PCN issue.

Please be aware that any PCN or ECN issued in an off-street car park is usually issued by the respective District Council. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure payments are made to the appropriate authority as detailed on the documents issued. However Bucks County Council does own one off-street car park, at Waterside North, Aylesbury, which is monitored and penalties enforced by NSL Limited on behalf of the County Council.

Looking for off street car parks?

If you're looking for off street car parks, you can find them by district under useful links.  For Aylesbury and Wycombe  live car parking information can be found here.  Please note that off street car parks are not generally owned or maintained by Bucks County Council and we can accept no responsibility for them or their external websites.

Bucks County Council does however own and operate one off-street car park at Waterside North on Exchange Street, Aylesbury.  This car park is monitored and enforced by NSL Limited on behalf of the County Council.  For details of charges, please click here.

Parking in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is now covered by a Civil Enforcement Area (CEA). This means BCC is empowered to undertake decriminalised parking enforcement and thereby better manage the highway network.

CEA's are intended to manage congestion and provide equal access to parking for residents, commuters and shoppers alike. Enforcement of the parking regulations is now undertaken by Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO's) employed on our behalf through our appointed parking services contractor NSL Limited. Note that Thames Valley Police can still take action over dangerous and/or obstructive parking where no formal restrictions apply (such as parking on footways, obstructing entrances etc).

You will see the NSL Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) out and about on your streets, identifiable by their smart blue uniforms.

NSL began enforcement of the Wycombe area in Autumn of 2011 this was followed by Chiltern, Aylesbury Vale and South Bucks which completes the transfer of on street parking within Buckinghamshire to a CEA.

Public off-street car parking, namely off street designated car parks, remain the responsibility of the respective District Council's unless otherwise owned by private companies.  However the off-street parking at Waterside North, Exchange Street, Aylesbury, is the responsibility of Bucks County Council and is monitored and enforced by NSL Limited on behalf of the County Council.

To Apply for a residents/visitors parking permit or to seek a parking suspension.

Please call: 0843 208 5544.

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For more information please call: 0845 2302882 or 01296 382416.